Word Pro Services, Inc.

1463 White Path Tr.

Canton, GA 30114

We’d like to introduce ourselves to you and your company. We are a transcription company working with many clients throughout the country for the past twenty-five years. We would like the opportunity to provide your company with the highest quality American produced transcripts. Verbatim or non-verbatim transcripts, with time codes can be provided for scripts, editing, or conversion into Closed Captioning.  You can see our listing in “The Georgia Film & Television Sourcebook”. We look forward working with you.

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  • Linda Heath


    Word Pro Services, Inc.



    Word Pro Services, Inc.
    Transcription Specialists


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    Word Pro Services, Inc. provides transcription services for conference calls, webcasts, corporate meetings, presentations, focus groups, interviews, video with time code, etc. We specialize in verbatim and video/streaming media transcription. Any size project is fine (1 hour to 100+).

    Word Pro Services, Inc has worked with the film industry for decades. Delivering American Made high quality transcripts for editing with Time Codes, or cleaned up and ready for insert for Closed Captioning. We look forward to taking care of any of your transcription needs.

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